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Painting in France: The art of Travel journals.

Ever since I started travelling more earnestly - back in a previous century - I've done my best to keep a travel journal. Looking back at them now, some were just a series of rough dates and towns, purely a reminder of where I'd actually been.  On a motorcycle trip overland to Kathmandu in 2005/6 [...]


Painting in France goes painting in Spain

  Fishing boats on the Costa Brava - Calella de Palafrugell, to be exact. A small seaside village nestling into the beautiful stretch of coastline just over the Spanish border. A great place for a painting holiday. In this tutorial I've rendered the scene in various techniques starting with a very loose pencil sketch which [...]


Painting Holidays in the South of France – here we go!

Our first Painting Holiday guests arrived at the end of May, as temperatures began to rise - four ladies from America: Kasia and Mary Jo travelling together from just outside Washington and Emanda, with her mother Sandra, all the way from Texas. Coincidentally, they'd spent a few days enjoying the sights of Paris before taking [...]


Painting workshops in the south of France: Update

Painting workshops in France and Spring is in the air. You can always tell, when old friends return to these warmer climes from their Northern winter hibernations and all are keen to draw and paint sunlit scenes. Freshly brewed coffee and a fine selection of chocolate biscuits also help.. For the past two weeks several [...]


The Rudiments of Perspective. Part 2. Two point.

  2 point perspective. Loosely explained from a French cafe.. So, you've sat yourself down in a shady square, ordered  'un cafe, s'il vous plait..' and taken out your sketch book - and you realise that the scene opposite isn't a simple one point perspective. It looks complicated. What to do? I've put this tutorial [...]


The Rudiments of Perspective: Part 1. One point. Do you need more?

  Perspective drawing. A huge topic. Probably best explained with a series of drawings. A student confessed to me the other day that whenever she went out sketching, perspective drawing was always a problem. She always sat exactly opposite her subject in order to minimise the perspective. Clever eh? I suggested we ran through some [...]