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The Rudiments of Perspective. Part 2. Two point.

  2 point perspective. Loosely explained from a French cafe.. So, you've sat yourself down in a shady square, ordered  'un cafe, s'il vous plait..' and taken out your sketch book - and you realise that the scene opposite isn't a simple one point perspective. It looks complicated. What to do? I've put this tutorial [...]


The Rudiments of Perspective: Part 1. One point. Do you need more?

  Perspective drawing. A huge topic. Probably best explained with a series of drawings. A student confessed to me the other day that whenever she went out sketching, perspective drawing was always a problem. She always sat exactly opposite her subject in order to minimise the perspective. Clever eh? I suggested we ran through some [...]


Painting in France goes painting in South Africa..

January 2018. Montagu, Western Cape, South Africa. We've been visiting Monica's family over Christmas which has been a new experience for me - my first 'hot' Christmas. Looking at the weather currently lashing Europe, it was a good move. While we were here we visited the Montagu Nature Garden and Hugo De Wet, proprietor [...]


Painting in France – Oil painting for the first time.

Here at Painting in France, I have been teaching the intricacies of Watercolour Painting for many years. I've been happy applying washes, working wet into wet, wet onto dry - until a few weeks ago when I decided to take the plunge and try working in oils. Up until now I confess that I've steered [...]


Painting holidays and Workshops in France

Painting holidays and workshops in the south of France. Here's a photographic montage of some of the highlights from both en plein air days and studio time throughout the year. As you can see from the photos, we've certainly had lots of variety with a wide range of subjects being drawn and painted. We're busy [...]


Painting workshops in France – Canal du Midi.

A warm autumn afternoon here in the Languedoc, with our painting workshops in France alongside the Canal du Midi - and what better way of passing a few hours.  Le Somail is a beautiful setting with a number of small cafes and restaurants placed around the central bridge. In the 17th century, the town was [...]


Painting en plein air in the south of France…

  The end of May and temperatures are rising here in the Languedoc. This week we've been busy every day with painting holiday guests and regulars - painting en plein air as well as two studio days. Scenes have varied from fast flowing rivers to ancient watermills and restored wind mills. What's proved popular is [...]