Painting in France: The art of Travel journals.

Ever since I started travelling more earnestly - back in a previous century - I've done my best to keep a travel journal. Looking back at them now, some were just a series of rough dates and towns, purely a reminder of where I'd actually been.  On a motorcycle trip overland to Kathmandu in 2005/6 [...]


Painting in France goes painting in Spain

  Fishing boats on the Costa Brava - Calella de Palafrugell, to be exact. A small seaside village nestling into the beautiful stretch of coastline just over the Spanish border. A great place for a painting holiday. In this tutorial I've rendered the scene in various techniques starting with a very loose pencil sketch which [...]


The Rudiments of Perspective. Part 2. Two point.

  2 point perspective. Loosely explained from a French cafe.. So, you've sat yourself down in a shady square, ordered  'un cafe, s'il vous plait..' and taken out your sketch book - and you realise that the scene opposite isn't a simple one point perspective. It looks complicated. What to do? I've put this tutorial [...]


The Rudiments of Perspective: Part 1. One point. Do you need more?

  Perspective drawing. A huge topic. Probably best explained with a series of drawings. A student confessed to me the other day that whenever she went out sketching, perspective drawing was always a problem. She always sat exactly opposite her subject in order to minimise the perspective. Clever eh? I suggested we ran through some [...]


Millie. Our English Springer Spaniel – watercolour portrait.

Ah, the joys of dog ownership....Millie, our Springer Spaniel is our constant companion whether galloping around the vineyards or lounging in an old armchair in the studio.  She's 3 years old and so long overdue for a proper 'sitting'.  In this digital age it's so easy to take lots of reference photos until you're happy [...]


Venetian gondolas – watercolour (and gouache) tutorial

  Gondolas. It could only be Venice. Here's a tutorial I've put together based on this wonderful photograph courtesy of Google Images.  It's slightly enhanced colour wise but I like it for it's graphic composition. Start with a good horizontal line for the sea level, the rest can be freehand sketching. I've omitted the pontoons [...]