Millie. Our English Springer Spaniel – watercolour portrait.

Ah, the joys of dog ownership....Millie, our Springer Spaniel is our constant companion whether galloping around the vineyards or lounging in an old armchair in the studio.  She's 3 years old and so long overdue for a proper 'sitting'.  In this digital age it's so easy to take lots of reference photos until you're happy [...]


Venetian gondolas – watercolour (and gouache) tutorial

  Gondolas. It could only be Venice. Here's a tutorial I've put together based on this wonderful photograph courtesy of Google Images.  It's slightly enhanced colour wise but I like it for it's graphic composition. Start with a good horizontal line for the sea level, the rest can be freehand sketching. I've omitted the pontoons [...]


Road to Neffies – watercolour tutorial

The road between Roujan and Neffies, two nearby villages, is typical of many in this region – lined with plane trees. Planted in the early 19th century on the orders of Napoleon to provide shade for troops and travelers moving through this sun scorched area. They’re also convenient for watercolour artists. This tutorial shows you [...]


Autumn scene – drawing tutorial

In this instance, I broke the drawing stage down further into the elements of the picture which may help your watercolour version too. I worked up some tonal values to help visualize the depth of the scene before adding some colour with soft crayons….