Painting and drawing workshops in the south of France

Come enjoy a one day creative workshop 

Escape to the charming village of Pouzolles, near Béziers in the south of France. Immerse yourself in the joy of painting and drawing workshops at our inviting studio. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a novice, our bright and sunny space accommodates up to 5 painters, offering an ideal setting for creative exploration.

Embrace the Outdoors: ‘En Plein Air’ Adventures

During the warmer months, embrace the allure and challenges of ‘en plein air’ painting and drawing workshops.  Allow the scenic beauty of the quaint French villages and landscapes to inspire your artistic expression. Simon’s super easy teaching style ensures that our drawing and painting workshops are not only educational but also incredibly enjoyable, making them perfect for all skill levels.

No Worries, Just Creativity

The best part? We’ve taken care of everything for you. No need to worry about purchasing materials or equipment – just show up and let your creativity flow. Our bespoke watercolour workshop sessions are tailored to your group’s preferences.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Whether you’re a small family looking for a creative bonding activity, a lively Hen do, or a larger tour group of up to 25 people seeking to add an artistic touch to your tour, we’ve got you covered.

Beyond Brushes: Culinary Delights

In addition to providing all the necessary materials and equipment, we go the extra mile by offering options for lunch arrangements. You can enjoy a delightful meal in a local restaurant or opt for a chic picnic, further enhancing your overall experience.

Journey into Creative Exploration

Join us for a morning of artistic exploration, where the idyllic surroundings of the south of France become the backdrop to your creative journey. Experience the beauty of painting and drawing workshops in a setting that nurtures both beginners and seasoned artists alike.