What he’ll teach you


“I prefer to paint in oils and like to experiment with new styles and techniques, always pushing to expand my knowledge of the subject I love. I’m passionate about passing on this knowledge to others. The more I teach, the better a painter I become.”

Rob Lunn is not just a passionate artist; he is an experienced painting tutor with over 12 years of teaching experience. Rob Lunn, is a painting tutor with a strong preference for oils. He relishes exploring new styles and techniques, constantly striving to expand his expertise in this captivating, versatile, and fulfilling medium. He finds immense gratification in sharing his knowledge with others, teaching oil painting workshops and individual instruction. “As a painter,” he asserts, “it’s beneficial to be regularly reminded of those fundamental core skills. The more I teach, the better a painter I become.”

In 2012, Rob Lunn our newest painting tutor, established his own teaching venture, Quick Start Art, offering Weekend Workshops, Oil Painting Thursdays, and 1-to-1 tuition at Bath Artists Studios, culminating in this inspiring journey to the breathtaking south of France. Over the past decade, Rob Lunn a painting tutor from Bath, has poured his heart and soul into building Quick Start Art, and now he is shifting his focus back to his personal painting practice while expanding his oil painting workshops into uncharted territories.

Rob Lunn, calls the enchanting city of Bath home, where he resides with his wife and son. He finds inspiration in painting a wide spectrum of subjects, but landscapes particularly captivate him, providing an opportunity to embrace looser brushwork and more expressive techniques – always anchored in a solid foundation. His artistic influences include Vincent van Gogh, Michelangelo da Caravaggio, and Ilya Repin.

Rob Lunn’s, passion for art is evident in his dedication to both his own practice and his commitment to inspiring others through his teaching. His enthusiasm and expertise make him an exceptional guide for aspiring artists, helping them unlock their creative potential and embark on their own artistic journeys.