What he’ll teach you


“Inspired by the travel artists of the Victorian era, such as David Roberts, I am now happily pursuing my true passion for travel sketching and painting in dramatic landscapes. Sharing these experiences with others brings me great joy.”

Simon Roberts is a painting tutor who together with his wife Monica founded Painting in France in 2013. Initially, he taught students from his studio in Pouzolles. This led to week-long painting holidays in the South of France.

After many decades working commercially in a wide range of styles both conventional and digital, he now enjoys painting predominantly in watercolour. In his opinion, it is the perfect medium for capturing landscapes; whether en plein air or for adding a splash of colour to a sketch in a travel journal.

His passion for sketching and watercolour was rekindled on a solo motorcycle trip that he made overland from England to Kathmandu, Nepal. He kept an illustrated journal throughout the 7-month trip, which formed the basis of his cult classic “Tea with Bin Laden’s Brother”. An illustrated travel story of his overland trip.

During your painting holiday, he’ll be encouraging you to work on composition and lighting to give your painting that certain extra something. And teach you to capture a memory that you can hold on to forever.

Simon is keen to share his years of experience and knowledge with you in a lighthearted and patient teaching style. He’s very popular with his students. Some of whom have joined him in various locations several times over.