Finally, the world feels like it opening up again. Each day, the travel between countries seems to be a little less restricted. And, the good news is that we can finally welcome all our lovely guests from around the world to come paint with us here in our little piece of paradise in the south of France. So, to help make this a reality here is a bit of information about the logistics of travelling to France post COVID.

I would love to be waxing lyrical about the beautiful little villages, the fantastic food, but alas no. Today’s article is not exactly the most scintillating in the world, but in this post covid era, travel has just become that little bit more complicated.

The good news is that travel to France is really not complicated if you are fully vaccinated. And, by booking with us, you know that we’ll be on hand to help you with any niggles so that you can enjoy every minute of your holiday.

So, you ask, how does it all work? Simple really, if you are fully vaccinated all you have to do is fill in a sworn statement to say that you do not have COVID and have not been in contact with anyone with COVID within the last few weeks. We will send you an English version of this form to fill in. From our experience of traveling, your airline might ask to see this form when you check-in along with your proof of vaccination. You might also be asked for the same documentation at passport control in France.

The rules in France might vary slightly in comparison to your country of origin. Here the wearing of masks is mandatory in enclosed spaces such as shops and on arrival in restaurants, so make sure you bring a supply with you.

To visit restaurants, museums, etc you will need a health pass on your phone that will allow you entry via a QR code that will be scanned when you enter. To convert your vaccination certificate, you will need to visit a listed pharmacy that will supply you with a QR code with your proof of vaccination.

And after that, France is your oyster.

And if any of this sounds daunting, there really is no need to worry, we have a list of pharmacies that can convert your certificate, and we’ll even take you and help with translation if needs be. We’ll also help you download the app if necessary.

After that, all you need is are your clothes, sunscreen and sun hat for travelling to France for your painting holiday. No need to even bring any painting materials because we’ve got that covered too.