Step by step Watercolour tutorial of the village of Villeneuvette.


This will be one of our en plein air locations this summer for our Painting Holidays in France. It looks so different in the winter months. Sunny but cold. You’ll find the full history of this fascinating location on our Blog. Click here for the article.

Beneath this reference photo you’ll find the step by step tutorial. Start with an initial sketch of the scene keeping an eye on the perspective and, by adding a few light vertical lines, you can position the squares for the windows accurately before adding shutter details and window frames.

Wash a mix of Cerulean and Cobalt Blue into the sky area (a good combination for winter skies) and, with a clean, damp brush, wipe away the clouds. A wet in wet mix of Yellow Ochre and Burnt Sienna gives that lovely overall tone of the buildings and paving areas.

Let this dry before adding varying strengths of Payne’s Grey for the shadows then greens for the foliage. Have fun! Send your version through to me if you’d like a critique.


painting holidays in France main square villeneuvette

The main square in Villeneuvette